Beat the UK Heatwave: Discover the Benefits of Symphony Air Coolers



Summer has finally arrived in the UK!  

Whilst we often eagerly await the warm weather when we have the time to enjoy it – for a lot of us, a heat wave also means being stuck inside dealing with uncomfortable homes and offices, at the same time as managing our busy daily lives.  

Symphony Air Coolers are proving to be the relief we’ve been looking for from rising temperatures and soaring energy bills, neither of which are helped by the fact that our homes in the UK are notorious for being unable to beat the heat during our increasingly hot summer months.  

Environmentally friendly. Energy efficient. Cost effective. So far so good. Here, we will explore the multitude of benefits to unlock with a Symphony Air Cooler, as well as comparing them to what has always been – until now – the traditional go-to solution of an expensive air conditioning system.  

So, let’s start at the beginning. What does an Air Cooler do? 

Also known as an evaporative air cooler, bio cooler or wet air cooler, these innovative devices cool the air by harnessing the power of evaporation and adding moisture to hot air. Air conditioners use a combination of complex cooling methods and refrigerants to achieve a cool flow. These processes, particularly the refrigerants, are expensive and inefficient, also requiring invasive work to integrate into a building. In comparison, comprising of only 3 main components – a fan, a water reservoir and cooling pads which retain water – the air coolers process is simple, effective and efficient. 

Hot air is drawn into the device from the surroundings by the fan, then passes through the porous cooling pads. The water will then evaporate, absorbing heat from the air in the process. Finally, the fan circulates the cooler air creating a comfortable environment with a fresh, uniform flow of cool air, all whilst combatting air pollution too! 

What other benefits does a Symphony Air Cooler offer? 

As well as creating an airy, pleasant environment, keeping your home or office spaces cool and ventilated has a wide range of additional health benefits too. Better sleep, improved concentration and a reduction in airborne illnesses and infections are all benefits you can reap from a Symphony Air Cooler.  

There are three main factors to consider when comparing the costs of a modern Air Cooler in comparison to those of a traditional Air Con system. 

  • Air Coolers are incredibly energy efficient and cost effective to run, between 45W and 245W across the whole Symphony range! Compare that to between 1400W – 4000W for a traditional air conditioning unit and already we can see huge savings.  
  • No installation costs or building work required. Unlike air con units, you do not require a water inlet or pipe outlet. Just crack open a window for ventilation and switch on the Air Cooler! 
  • Low initial outlay cost. Even the smallest air con unit can cost £350 – £400 and installation will cost a further £800+. In comparison, Symphony’s Air Cooler range begins at £79.99 and will start working for you just as soon as you switch it on.  

With a variety of sizes and styles to choose from, we can guarantee you will discover the perfect Air Cooler for your space. Click here to see our full range of Symphony Air Coolers.