Symphony's Evaporative Air Coolers

Thinking of Tomorrow

Throughout our history of 80+ years, We have been thinking and breathing innovation every day. We believe that innovation must continuously respond to customer challenges. Today, we are designing air coolers to address evolving social trends and critical customer lifestyle realities. We are making air coolers that are more relevant, intuitive, evolved, connected and respectful of the environment.

One of Symphony’s fundamental business strategies is to drive profitable growth through cutting-edge R&D. Our strength of intellectual property (IP) has provided a foundation for many unconventional product ideas to grow into incredible market successes.

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Driving Sustainability Through Environment Stewardship

Symphony’s growth has been guided by the core belief of doing right for the business by doing right for people and our planet.

Over the years, we have been embracing the challenge of developing energy-efficient products while reducing our environmental footprint. This is important to us as we believe innovation is key to a sustainable future for our planet.

As a part of its CSR initiatives and commitment towards sustainability, Symphony Limited took up an urban landscape project to establish Symphony Forest Park. With the ultimate aim to revamp an abandoned patch of land ranging 11,000 square metres, Symphony rejuvenated the area to develop a Forest Park, that contains more than 250 plant species, 30,000 tree saplings, numerous species of exotic birds, and a resuscitated lake with aquatic species.

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